1. Marcus L Tibesar

    Yet another example of our own Government selling us out to Big Business – bedfellows!


  2. Curt

    Thanks for that info as I’ve been hoping someone would come up with something like this to slow down that FCC and see how they like being put through their own paces. Brilliant plugin!


  3. evoknow

    @curt – thank you!


  4. Ryan Hellyer

    This is a nice idea, but I think it would be a lot better if it were done in JavaScript (I assume you can check IP’s via JavaScript but am not certain), as most caching setups will simply bypass the slowing down process.


    • evoknow

      @ryan – the plugin uses both backend (php) and front end (JavaScript) for the very reason you mentioned. The php side slow down using sleep is two seconds and the JavaScript adds five seconds with a header on top of each page that disappears after the five seconds wait. Of course, there is a lot of room for optimizations. I wrote this in two hours over a weekend to get the ball rolling and I am already working on a full scale advocacy plugin. If anyone is interested, just give a way to share updates. Thanks


  5. Ed Hynan

    The nets listed in the post should include (at least, maybe more, who knows?).
    Whois NET-208-31-254-128-1;.


  6. evoknow

    @Ed – I will add a way to add new IP range (in CIDR format) in the next version and will include


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