1. Ryan Sullivan

    Awesome work by Ryan. I thought about how someone *should* make this into a plugin, but it was a fleeting thought. Good on Ryan for following through. Installed and activated :)


  2. Greg Winiarski

    So, this plugin basically is a banner? In that case it seems the post title “WordPress plugin aims to fight back against mass surveillance” is an overstatement, nice initiative though.


  3. The Weekly WordPress News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.58

    […] New WordPress Plugin Aims To Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance […]


  4. Thomas Davis (@neutralthoughts)

    Hey Sarah, we might link to this blog post from the Github repo.


  5. Robert Parks

    Help. “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”


  6. bamajr

    I was all in with SOPA, so I’m definitely all in, again, with this!


  7. Tarky7

    Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to craft this great plugin. I have a number of WordPress sites I control that will now be able to display the alert with less time spent.

    lol ~ I am pretty rusty at making comments, this reads just like a SPAM comment, which it is not.

    Anyway, thanks again!

    ~ Kit

    RIP PIPA, SOPA and Stop TPP | “It’s NAFTA on Steroids!”


  8. jsbnew

    I dowloaded it, but IT WOULDN’T LOAD in the normal Plugins menu. Tried a couple of versions on GitHub; didn’t work. Plz send a proper link… thank you

    BTW – This is for my self-hosted site, not my wp.com sites…


    • Tarky7

      It works fine, you just need to extract the main folder, then grab the folder ‘tdwfb’, zip that folder, then you can upload the zipped ‘tdwfb’ folder directly into your self host WP site, and it will work. ~ K


  9. modemlooper

    Added a zip file so it’s easier to upload.


  10. Tony Lima

    Sarah, many thanks for pointing this out. I was tearing what’s left of my hair out trying to figure out where the .js file went amongst all that php. You — and especially Ryan — have saved the day.


  11. Karilee

    modemlooper, the zip file you just added wouldn’t unzip. I installed it with no issues by extracting the necessary files from the main zip, but for the many WP users who are used to installing plugins using Plugins, Add New, Upload, it would be helpful to get that new file tested and working.


    • Tony Lima

      The zip file worked perfectly for me. I uploaded it using the WordPress plugin feature. It installed, I activated it and it’s perfect. I especially appreciate the “show me the banner now” feature. Thanks to Ryan Fugate for taking this on.


  12. Sabine Engelhardt

    Unfortunately I must agree to Karilee. The .zip file does not unpack. I get

    „Archive: tdwfb.zip
    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on the last disk(s) of this archive.
    unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of tdwfb.zip or tdwfb.zip.zip, and cannot find tdwfb.zip.ZIP, period.“

    Is there another version that works? My WP is running on my dedicated server, so uploading as a zip file is no issue for me. I would really like to activate that plugin on at minimum two WP blogs.

    Greets from Germany, Sabine


  13. Alex

    Unfortunately, the plugin shows the US version per default and visitors have to switch to the not in the US version by clicking. Could this be changed so that the plugin detects the location of the site?


  14. Sabine Engelhardt

    … ok, got it … it tried clicking with the right mousekey on the link, then I get a file called tdwfb.zip, which is in fact another web page. One has to click on that link, then chose „View raw“. That is not what I call usability … Got the plugin now and try to install it.


  15. graus

    What about a plugin that drops the sql DB of your WordPress blog on February 11th? That will surely stop bad people on the internet from logging, collecting and mining your data. Ahum.


  16. darkflux

    a shame there is no way to add something like this for WordPress.com websites.
    so many more of these, we could overrun the web…


  17. lafrance

    Great idea even though in Canada not as bad YET activated on my site smalljournal.ca


  18. Janice Schwarz

    This would get more use if it were in the WordPress plugin directory.

    Also, it would be a good idea to edit this post and mention you’ve got to unzip the file and upload the zip file inside. Giving step-by-step instructions on how to upload a plugin would be good, since some people only know how to add plugins via the WordPress search feature. (You’d be amazed how confusing uploading a file to WordPress is for some people.)

    Lastly, put up a screenshot where GitHub’s download file button is…that thing is so easily missed.


  19. Tanya

    I can’t find a plug-in option on my blog’s dashboard. I’m using the “Confit” theme on WordPress. Is there a way I can put up this plug-in on my blog?


  20. Mary Doherty

    The government has to much control and we need to fight for our freedom this is suppose to be America and I want my country back.


  21. Speak Out Against Mass Surveillance

    […] If you’d like to join us and thousands of other sites worldwide including Reddit, BoingBoing and many many more you can grab the Javascript code over on the campaign site. If you’re a WordPress user there’s an easy to use plugin. […]


  22. Abdul

    It’s up and running. Give me a hand to fight back!


  23. Sarah Gooding

    The plugin is now available on WordPress.org if that helps: http://wordpress.org/plugins/tdwfb/


  24. modemlooper

    Also, added in option to turn on the international banner by default if you are outside the US.


  25. Syed Qasim

    This is really a good plugin.


  26. WordPress.com Joins Google, Reddit and Tumblr in Protesting NSA Surveillance

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  27. darkflux

    and now for WordPress.com:

    better late than never?


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