1. Mel

    Thank you for this… I’m sharing on my FB…


  2. mac2net

    Protest is great, but rendering throttling useless is even better – actually much better – actually the immediate solution to the problem.
    If ISPs realise all the money spent in the world to influence government is money wasted they’ll give up.


  3. roningamingcommunity

    Thanks for slowing down the website and connected sites. Not !!!! Rendering security software almost useless. Such BS


  4. madrael

    I suspect a phone call to a Senator means more that a Facebook post. So I followed the instructions in the plug-in and it worked flawlessly. I also posted it on Facebook as well. I hope others understand this is not just an Internet issue, but an issue vital to our country. If everyone is not guaranteed the same Internet access it will increase the surging income inequality we currently face. Due to speedy Internet access the rich will become richer and the less fortunate will be left behind. The same will apply to Internet start-ups. The big companies will have a monopoly on content.


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