1. Vishwajeet Kumar

    I am eagerly waiting for the WordPress 4.5. I have tested it on my beta sites and it really have done some improvements and have added good option like logo uploader on theme customizer.


  2. Miles Gilmour

    Great to see the site logo functionality become part of core. Hopefully this will lead to more theme developers using the standard approach and make it easier for users to switch themes and retain the logo.


  3. darrinb

    I just updated my Advanced Comments Widget to take advantage of the new Selective Refresh functionality rolling out in the upcoming version. It was really strait-forward; just one line of code added to the widget options. I hope all plugin devs take advantage of this update. It makes the Customizer preview a much better experience.


  4. Jal Desai

    Having tested the RC, I am pretty pumped up for 4.5 final.


  5. Gopal

    Looks great WordPress 4.5 all are set too good with the build-in logo support. looking forward to install this.


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