1. Harry, ExposedPlanet

    Sounds great, I am using 1000px images on my ExposedPlanet photoblog, so looking forward to testing it.

    I just hope that it will be available as a standalone plugin, I do not want to install the slow-down-pack for just one feature!

    Cheers, Harry


  2. that girl again

    Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to include the option of reverting to the conventional gallery format for those on slow connections or lower resolutions, and not everyone is happy about it. I think this is one of those features which might have been better done as a plugin first, then they would have had some extra time to tweak it and figure out a way of disabling it before rolling it out across wordpress.com.


  3. Milan

    For those using the self-hosted version of WordPress, Matt Thomas mentioned that it’s possible the carousel will make it within a future version of the Jetpack plugin.

    Good luck with that.


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