1. BK

    Wonder if you or anyone has figured out how to show more than the 10 most popular tags?

    I really missed that feature when it went away. But now that I have been working without it as well as supervising a team responsible for tagging posts, I realize that just having the most popular tags doesn’t help much. Since they are popular, then we are more likely to remember them any way, eh? It’s actually the less popular tags that are more important to tie new content into.

    Any way, thanks for the great article.


  2. Gary

    This is fantastic news.

    I would welcome the ability to switch to the 10 most recently used tags. If, like me, others tend to create a series of related posts, doing so would save a lot of time spent mopping up missed tags and fixing incorrectly tagged posts.


  3. Ola

    I have a mini plugin that I use to enable pretty much everything

    Is this a public plugin or something you created for yourself? I get tired of waiting for all the features too :)


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