1. Zeb

    The Gutenberg version currently being used is relatively out-of-date. Frontenberg is using version 3.0.1, while the current version is 3.3.0. Not sure how often or how difficult it is to update the test site to a newer version, but it probably should be as soon as possible. A whole bunch of stuff has been added/changed/fixed in the past 3 feature updates.


  2. George

    not sure what this is all about, but the link to testgutenberg.com doesn’t show too much except from a sidebar, gorgeous whitespace though :)


  3. Henry

    Click on “Revisions”, lots of PHP errors appear…


    • Henry

      Notified testgutenberg.com via “Send Feedback” 3 days ago, unfortunately still lots of PHP errors appear, it seems “Revisions” are not considered an important feature…


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