Free Support, Woo Menus, ABCs Of WordPress

Some stats for the forum. Most users ever online was 110, 01-27-2010 at 05:45 AM. Threads: 1,274, Posts: 12,728, Members: 589, Active Members: 133. We’re rolling right along towards the 1,000 registered user count which I hope we can achieve by June but things are slow going so far this year. While the forum was roaring with posts due to a few threads last week, it’s a bit calmer this week.

Woo Menus – This will be one of the big reasons why upgrading to WordPress 3.0 will be worth it. If you haven’t seen the video demonstrating how it works, check it out and then tell us what you think in the forum.

Ads On Your Website – Do you have ads on your site? What kind? What about direct sales or using a network? This is a good thread to get involved with if you’re thinking about different routes to take when it comes to advertising on your website.

CSS Mysterys – Mild Fuzz is working with tables and is finding out that his cells are not lining up despite having widths defined by classes. There are a couple of different ways in which Mild Fuzz can approach this situation that are discussed in the thread.

ABCs of WordPress – One of my favorite forum threads of late that is more like a game. Starting with A, members have to come up with a WordPress related word. We’ve gone through the akphabet about 4 times already. This is a great way to get a grasp of the terms used in WordPress.

Free Support – Ryan has been providing extensive free support for his plugins but was recently contacted by an individual who politely told him that one of his responses came off as rude. This has him rethinking free support as having a bad attitude will not help his business.

If you’re not a registered user of the Tavern forum, I highly suggest getting yourself an account and please, answer the anti-spam question or I’ll delete your registration.


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