First Patch Into WordPress By Coen Jacobs

I have no idea what it feels like to get a patch committed into WordPress where millions will take advantage of it but it has to feel pretty darn good. At least that’s what it seems like according to Coen Jacobs who recently had his first patch added to the core of WordPress. Congrats Coen. Hope this is one of many more to come.

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  1. The flip side of it is: The first commit you make tends to be the most error checked, stressful, check in that you’ll ever make!!


  2. I’m never stressed … Just roll with it and see where i t goes…


  3. Thank you, Jeffro, it really feels pretty darn good. Adding your first patch is a thrill, but having your first code actually being added to the WordPress core is a thrill on a whole new level!

    I’m sure this is not my last contribution, there are some of my other patches out there, still in the race to make 3.3. :)


  4. I submitted my first patch the other day too. Hasn’t been committed yet but satisfying none the less.


  5. Surely that was not your first patch, Ryan? :)

    And congrats to Coen!


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