1. Brett Bumeter

    Wow! I think I am going WordPress senile. I could have sworn there was already a plugin of the same name in the repository and for some years. Just checked and didn’t see one. :)

    Think it must be time for a beer.


    • Coen Jacobs

      To be completely honest, we were surprised it was still available as well. :)


    • Scot

      There was something called “WP Listings” which was renamed to IMPress Listings:


      Our plugin is called Listings but we unfortunately (without all the money in the world) couldn’t get this domain.

      So we are using http://wplistings.com/ and WPListings on Twitter / elsewhere so that it’s in a bit better context :)

      Beers are on me!


      • Volodymyr Pekh

        Hi Scott and Coen! These are some amazing news. You should partner with some theme developers, like Astoundify. They have built pretty successful and useful themes based on wp job manager. Is WP Listings compatible with their theme like Listify or Jobify? I mean can I replace “wp job manager” with your “wp listings” if I’m using their themes?



        • Kishore

          I think It won’t be very much difficult for Astoundify to build it.
          Currently Plugins are not compatible with Listify/Jobify as the themes work only if WPJM is installed.



        • Coen Jacobs

          Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve tried to start this project with Astoundify actually. Allow me to quote Brian Krogsgard in a recent Post Status newsletter:

          So Scott and Coen actually talked to Adam Pickering of Astoundify to discuss the potential fork of WP Job Manager. The two parties were, however, unable to agree on what the direction of the product should be, and who should have final say on branding and decisions, so The Look And Feel decided to move forward alone.

          We don’t know what the future brings, but we still really want to work together with a quality themes shop to offer Listings themes. We’re currently talking with a couple vendors to explore what our options are.


  2. apachx

    Link to live preview?


  3. Abhishek

    I’ll wait for the stable release. One feature that I would like to see is to archive/delete expired job listings.


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