1. Volodymyr Pekh

    Thanks @Sarah for posting this. That’s probably the best news of this year. I know the Astoundify team approached Automattic to offer their help in development a couple of months ago but no luck. And now we hear this. I’m super happy as 2/5 sites I have work on wp job manager as a core plugin.


  2. Juan

    Superb news. Looking forward to seeing what develops.


  3. Sokratesagogo

    Good news indeed. I would dearly love to see the ability to customise to things other than jobs via the UI.


  4. Laura Brown

    I’d try it. I’ve been looking for something to build a simple, easy to manage directory which works with WordPress. I have tried everything and always find something which makes them too labour intensive to set up and maintain. I hope they don’t rely on CSV files to import content/ listings. A lot of directory plugins over look the importance of file types for import and export. Ideally, a plugin from WordPress would let the user import their existing links from WordPress.


  5. Kishore

    Superb news indeed. WPJM perhaps the best Job Board plugin in market. Looking forward to it.


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