First Ohio WordPress Meetup A Success

wordpressohio The first Ohio WordPress meetup went off last night as a success. While we did not have a huge crowd (only five people) the first event proved to be a nice base to build upon. Kim Parsell, Angelo Mendato, Jeff Lee, Brian Layman and myself were all in attendance. We discussed everything from caching to databases to WordPress MU, BuddyPress, and finally social media stuff like Twitter and Facebook. A couple things I noticed about the event.

First, when you’re surrounded by a group of people engaged in a discussion about WordPress or what have you, time flies. Those were the quickest three hours I think I’ve ever lived through. Secondly, participating on Twitter while those individuals are in the same room as you is funny, just because it is. Lastly, I feel as though in those three hours of discussion, I accomplished more than I would have if I participated in just a forum, Twitter, or comments on a blog post. It felt great to discuss a number of things in real time, face to face.

Again I want to thank all of those who were in attendance. During the event, Brian Layman recorded the meetup and he is going to try and put the recording on Ustream.TV. If he does, I’ll publish another update containing the video.

Next months WordPress Meetup will be on Thursday, May 28th at 7PM EDT. I’ll be giving a 15-25 minute presentation about what’s new in WordPress 2.8. To register for the event, head on over to where I’ve added next months event to the schedule.

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