1. Kim

    Sounds cool! Any idea on how many people might be attending?


  2. Jeffro

    @Kim – Well, I don’t think we have the event on Upcoming.org so I’m not sure who all is coming but Brian and I are guaranteed to be there which should make the event worth it all by itself! LOL. I’d say from Newcomerstown, Akron is probably an hour drive eh?


  3. Kim

    MapQuest puts it at 65 miles, just a little over an hour drive from here to Akron. Will add it to my calendar and see if I can make it up there for the first meeting. Might want to get it listed on upcoming.org so that more people know about it.


  4. Jeffro

    @Kim – Yeah, going to do that today after I confirm with Brian about placing it on Upcoming. I’m pretty sure the first meeting will simply be a meet and greet event with discussions on what to talk about in future meetings, discuss WordCamp Columbus and other stuff. This is one of those events where I’ll probably get butterflies as the day gets closer LOL


  5. Brad

    Have fun with the Meetup! We’ve had 3 Meetups so far in New Jersey and each one is better than the last! It really is a fun time and great meeting local WordPress enthusiasts

    Brad’s last blog post..How To: Display Error Messages in WordPress


  6. Jeffro

    @Brad – Thanks Brad, I’m sure it will be a blast. I am looking into possibly Ustreaming the event if people are ok with that. Would be cool to blast the meetup to the Tavern site.


  7. Angelo Mandato

    I may be able to work out coming to the April Meetup. I’ll know more the Monday before hand. I’m very excited to talk shop.


  8. Jeffro

    @Angelo Mandato – Would be cool to see you if you can make it. I need to get my butt in gear and get this event on upcoming.org


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