1. Jesse Friedman

    I can’t wait to use it. I love the quote outside the main body. It’s a nice use of extra space.


  2. John Jr

    Wow! I was not expecting a first look of the Twenty Twenty theme so soon, thank you very much.

    -John Jr


  3. Naif Amoodi

    This one looks much more attractive than the previous Twenty-X releases. I specially like the color combination that has been used.


  4. David McCan

    I’m happy for an attractive core theme. Chaplin is very nice and so I have high expectations. I hope that is it starter theme friendly.


  5. kevin kovadia

    i am waiting for this twenty-twenty theme for so long. I was very curious that, how this theme will look alike. i also used theme Chaplin earlier and impressed by the simple yet powerful theme. great, can we able to change google font in twenty-twenty theme?


  6. Gaurav Tiwari

    Possibly the best default WP theme till date.


  7. leo

    Suddenly WordPress become exciting again! The wordpress.com themes repo never get updated anymore 😦


  8. Joshua

    Amazing to see the core dropcaps feature being shown off. WordPress is going from strength to strength.


  9. Ryan Hellyer

    This looks awesome :)


  10. Jenny Lens

    The quotation mark is backwards for Americans. I don’t know how it is supposed to appear in other countries. But curly quotes should FACE the text. Opening quotes and/or apostrophes face or turn to the RIGHT and closing are facing or turn to the LEFT. Quotes and/or apostrophes ENCLOSE the text. Yes, I’m using all caps for emphasis.

    However, when there’s a space between quotation marks and/or apostrophe, quite often the mark is incorrectly formatted. That is what we see in this example. When typed correctly, the marks should be formatted correctly. I have no idea wassup. Oh well, not as if anyone else cares nor noticed.

    Glad you all are excited. I prefer drop and drag themes. As an artist, designer, photographer, I’ll design my own simple layouts.

    Have a nice day and keep on enjoying WordPress. My best to all.


  11. Sajan Kota

    Wow! I was not expecting a first look of the Twenty Twenty theme so soon, thank you very much. I was very curious that, how Twenty Twenty theme would look alike. Definitely the best default WordPress theme till date.


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