1. Bianca

    Congrats to you Anders, well deserved!
    I think Anders is one of the better theme designers on WordPress.org. Can’t wait to see it.


  2. John Jr

    Hello Sara Gooding,

    Thank you for sharing this good news, I have been wondering if there even would be a Twenty Twenty default WordPress theme, and I have been disappointed with the last few default WordPress themes so this is good news to hear that Mr. Anders is going to be making the next theme.

    It would be nice to be able to use a default WordPress theme again or any of the new free themes because it has been a while since a usable one on WordPress.com has been released for my basic needs.

    Some things that I would like to see return to free themes include:

    An excerpt mode option with the Continue Reading text/button, the option to automatically show the first image in a post so that an image can show up on your posts on the home page when using excerpt mode, keep each section in the header on a separate line and maybe have the default set to center everything in the header, a large enough site image, an image header option with new default images, large and thick and readable enough fonts, better color schemes, et cetera.

    -John Jr


  3. Álvaro

    I hope Anders can refocus the default WordPress theme on what matters the most: be useful to the average user.

    No longer blogs, developers… it is the common user who should be privileged in the default theme. A usable, customizable theme where you can experience the potential of the block editor for the “average” site.

    And, by the way, stop installing previous default themes. It makes no sense new installations loading Twenty Seventeen and Twenty Eighteen… You want it? Search and install.


  4. Zach Vander Veen

    Like (I suspect) a number of WordPress users, I tend to be a bit ADHD in trying out themes (part of the fun!).

    That said, I’ve used Anders’ Hamilton theme for years on my personal blog. The simplicity, speed, and cleanliness of the theme are just so very good. It ages well.

    Congrats to Anders. His talent is very appreciated.


  5. Eugenia

    I look forward to this since the default themes are a bit too simplistic for my taste. I like the OPTIONs of adding attention-getting features.


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