First Global WordPress Contributor Drive Set For January 30-31, 2016

WordCamp San Francisco Contributor Day Featured ImageI know a lot of people in the community who got their start answering questions in the WordPress support forums. It’s one of the easiest ways to contribute back to the project without having to touch code. If you’re interested in helping others in the support forums, check out the first global contributor drive on January 30-31, 2016.

Contributor drives are new initiatives created by the WordPress Community Team. While a number of WordCamps have a day set aside for attendees to contribute back to WordPress, not everyone has one nearby they can attend. The first drive is focused on the Support Team which answers questions in the support forums.

The drives are composed of challenges that take place over the course of a weekend to give people in different time zones an opportunity to participate. On this drive, contributors are challenged to answer 20 support requests in the forums.

While individuals can participate, it’s a lot more fun to do so as a group. Participants are encouraged to work with people from their local meetup group. If this isn’t feasible, join the #forums channel on Slack where moderators will be standing by to provide guidance to new contributors.

WordPress has an amazing world-wide community and if 30 people complete the challenge, 600 threads will be responded too. Initiatives like this are a great idea and an excellent opportunity for new contributors to get their feet wet.

For more details and directions on how to participate, please view the guide to contributor weekend.


4 responses to “First Global WordPress Contributor Drive Set For January 30-31, 2016”

  1. Hi Jeff, just clarifying, we do not answer questions on Slack, there are no support channels on Slack.

    We use the #forums channel on Slack for group coordination and team meetings.

    This drive will be focussed on the forums only, we won’t be tracking IRC contributions.

    Also, thanks for reporting this! :)


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