Fast Page Switch Adds a Quick Way to Switch Between Pages in the WordPress Backend

If you find yourself editing pages often and want a quick way to switch between them without visiting the All Pages screen first, try the Fast Page Switch plugin by Marc Wiest.

Fast Page Switch adds a metabox with a drop down menu to the Page editing screen that allows you to quickly switch to a different page. This eliminates the need to visit the All Pages screen and search for the next page you want to edit.

Fast Page Switch saves time if you have less than 20 pages. If you have more than 20, it could be cumbersome to use and outweigh the time saving benefits.

Fast Page Switch in Action
Fast Page Switch in Action

I tested Fast Page Switch on WordPress 4.2.2 and didn’t experience any issues. You can download it for free from the WordPress plugin directory.


22 responses to “Fast Page Switch Adds a Quick Way to Switch Between Pages in the WordPress Backend”

  1. Too bad the author doesn’t provide any screenshots or even a header banner on

    Maybe it could be useful on bigger sites if he would be using something like Select2 for the dropdown (for autocomplete). IMHO it’s quite rare that you need to edit lots of pages at the same time though.

      • Hi Jeff, Thanks for sharing my plugin on WPTavern. Could you tell me why you think that the plugin could become cumbersome after 20 pages? Pascal mentioned that Select2 would be a great addition and I agree. I think it could solve the “20 pages” issue, what do you think?

      • Jeff, I updated the plugin and included the Select2 jQuery plugin. This should make it more easy to handle larger sites.

    • Hi Pascal. Using Select2 is a great idea. A header banner and screenshots could follow in the near future. The reason I build this plugin is that, whenever I set up a new WP installation, I find myself switching a lot between pages. Having to visit “All Pages” each time to get to a new page simply got on my nerves. I think being able to get around the admin faster would overall be a great improvement. A lot of admin tasks take multiple clicks and page loads to get to.

  2. when selecting the next page from the list it would be great if it saved the current page at the same time – this would be a great time saver.

  3. It’s cool. But why not just leave your All Pages page or tab open and open individual pages in a new window or tab (command / control click).

    • Jep, that works as well. However, besides all the other tabs I already have open, I often have multiple admin tabs open and finding the right one can be a pain as well. I built this plugin because I felt that this functionality should be a core feature and nobody had built a plugin for it already (or, at least I couldn’t find one that would solve that problem).

  4. First of all, great idea. This is one of those things where it might be really helpful add-on but is the time saved really worth the extra code and the additional time spent updating the plugin and such. I know time updating plugins is fractional but that’s also pretty much the same when it comes to switching pages the normal way. Also, what if there’s a pluigin conflict or something. The time saved is lost figuring out the issue. My 2 cents.

  5. It might be nice if the drop down menu included Drafts, not just Published pages, with some kind of indicator showing which ones are drafts maybe? I don’t know, but the plugin is a great idea.

  6. I just released a plugin last week called Quick Navigation Interface, and I think it solves this problem in a better way, and also solves the larger issue of being able to quickly get to any area in wp-admin.

    You just hit the ` key, and it brings up an interface where you can type whatever you want to browse to, and as you type it’ll show you the closest matches, then you just hit enter to open that link. It works with any screen, post, page, custom post type, etc in wp-admin.

    • Ian, this is a very cool plugin! Thanks for making it. I think the difference between the two can be boiled down to power-user or not. If you compare your plugins functionality to the spotlight on mac, even though it’s really great and easy to use, some people never use it.

      Also, you could include a small hint somewhere that reinforms user of the keyboard shortcut. I think there’s a possibility that people forget over time or don’t even know that somebody else installed your plugin on the site. My preferred location would be in the wp-admin-bar-site-name dropdown.

      I also left you a review on your plugin site. Cheers.

      • Yeah, that’s a really good point. I shouldn’t have said it was “better”, because they just take different approaches, and each one has pros and cons for different types of users and different situations. It’s better for me personally, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for everyone else.

    • Ian… that is a better idea, especially with people who have a LOT of pages and posts. The other is a good idea for smaller websites. The idea is great, but your solution solves the problem for larger websites.

    • I tried that one out before building Quick Navigation Interface, but I didn’t really like how it was built. It uses an AJAX call to search for content, so it takes a second to get your results, while QNI caches an index locally, so you get them immediately. That does have the benefit of being able to search large amounts of content, though; QNI limits its index to 500 posts, to avoid performance issues. (That can be configured, though, if users want to trade a little bit of performance for a larger index.)

      Dashy and WP Hotkeys also offer some similar functionality.


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