1. Rami

    OEmbed support?


  2. Steve Wright

    It’s the worst. I have to clear formatting back on a normal PC because the editor adds unnecessary shit.


  3. Zach Jenkins

    I’ve actually been wanting this FOREVER on the Android side. It’s very hard to be able to create a post and even worse to be able to edit one unless you’re an html guru with a special keyboard with access to the additional keys needed. I think it’s much easier to create on the visual side then fix errors on the html side because of this.

    So far it’s meant that the web version has been better since it’s been made responsive but still has some issues when using touch screens, plus you must be connected to the internet at all times. If the visual editor comes to the Android side it will be very helpful when disconnected from the internet and then syncing back up. Always good to have more options instead of less.


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