1. Keith Davis

    Never mind Mint Green I love the sound of “Frosted Cyan.”
    Sounds much more sophisticated.

    Not sure why it’s popular but before I read this post I published a new “Contact” page on a new site, and what colour is the header?


  2. Jeff Chandler

    I have mixed feelings of Mint Green. It does seem refreshing but there are only a few different shades of green that I like. It’s also important to see what colors surround the mint green as well as that usually effects whether or not I like a design overall.

    for example, I like this use of green in the Collections theme http://demo.thethemefoundry.com/collections-theme/ versus the lighter shades.


  3. Joen A.

    If only we could do metallic mint green. I’d be all over that.


  4. Donna Fontenot

    I call it Turquoise. It has it all: it has pop, it is soothing, and it is pretty.


  5. Herb Trevathan

    Anyone remember Nuetica when it was a mint color? http://themeshaper.com/2009/10/13/neutica-advanced-child-theme-thematic-theme/


  6. chris dohman

    the pantone color of the year for 2013 was emerald. i’m not sure if they saw it coming or helped set the bar. is emerald a close enough match to mint green? https://www.pantone.com/pages/index.aspx?pg=21055

    when it comes to color i think people like contrast, change and unique. emerald, or mint green, seems to offer those qualities. the 2014 pantone color is radiant orchid but i don’t think i’m going to trend with that one. http://www.pantone.com/pages/index.aspx?pg=21129 i do like emerald though.


  7. Andy Christian

    Flat design often seems to be accompanied with “retro” colors, which, to my eye, seems like all the colors are “frosted” as Mel puts it.


  8. Leonard

    The color also depends on what device the page is viewed on. For instance, red on one screen might be overwhelming, while exactly the same page on a smartphone could be unobtrusive. Black and white are device neutral, while colors are at the mercy of the rendering vehicle. Designers should realize “mint green” will not appear the same to others as it does on their monitor.


  9. Melissa Klotz

    This color has been one of my favorites for years upon years. Its mainstream debut was in fashion, now I’m assuming by this post it’s drifting over into web design, but I think that’s a bit off too. I designed my logo in 2010 using the same color.


    What I feel like I’m seeing more of is combining an overall black/gray/white layout with a bold, bright color for links. Like this page for example. Mostly white and charcoal, with a pop of burnt orange/red for links and categories.


  10. Noumaan Yaqoob

    It is refreshing and fun. It also reminds me of spring and the end of winter.


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  13. Alicia Thorson

    There’s some evidence from the medical community that green lowers blood pressure and has a calming effect on patients. That’s why you’ll often find hospital walls covered in the stuff.

    So, if you’re looking to induce a similar experience amongst web site visitors then go for it, otherwise I would suggest leaving it to the hospitals.

    I guess it comes down to whether you’re designing a website for yourself (so are choosing a colour you like) or designing for others (choose a colour to invoke a reaction).

    Personally I find the colour green to be the leader of the bland.


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