1. Emil Uzelac

    This will happen few days before my birthday, oh guys how nice of you


  2. trentlapinski

    I love this idea and intention of this, but I question if .org has the resources to pull this off?

    As the largest theme author on WordPress.org, it takes months to get a theme approved on .org.

    If established theme authors can’t get new themes live in a reasonable time period, bringing on new designers and authors when you can’t reasonably support current authors seems counterproductive.

    The theme review team should be focusing on improving operations and scalability before actively encouraging even more authors to throw their hat into the mix. This is just an invitation to create even more scaling issues, and delays for everyone involved.

    Again, I really like the intention behind this, but this creates more problems then it solves given the state of the theme review team as it is today.


  3. ath

    If people read the guidelines before submitting, the reviews would be a lot faster.


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