1. Santi Navarro

    A light and pretty theme. I like it, thanks :)


  2. Alan

    Really like the look of this theme but not sure it would suit my news style blog. Shame as I really like it. Anyone know of any flat free news style themes?


  3. Jimmy Smutek

    Alan, check out Heuman, by Alexander Agnarson. It’s available on the .org repository or from Alexander’s site. There’s a demo on Alexander’s site as well.

    I used it for a new site recently, it’s pretty nice.

    You’ll want to hit Google for the links. I just made a post with the links but it looks like the comment system swallowed the post for some reason.


    • bipolarnewsman

      Thanks Jimmy, Alan here to thank you for your suggestion. I’m trying out Hueman now and it seems an awesome theme. I’m genuinely enjoying tinkering with it as its so user friendly. Have a look if you have time http://latestbipolarnews.com I am just in the middle of designing a new logo. I wasn’t happy with the old one anyway and it looks dreadful with the Hueman theme!


      • Jimmy Smutek

        Hey Alan, no problem. Your link was 404 – I think it’s supposed to be http://latestbipolarnews.info/ ?

        The logo I see now looks fine (blue and grey, with a swoosh over the top) and will work great if you lighten the tagline text in the logo (current news and personal stories), it’s getting lost in the dark background. Also, I’m not sure what size screen you’re on, but the sharing buttons are overflowing the content area on my laptop.

        The site looks really nice Alan, looks like Hueman is going to work out great for you!


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