1. lukepettway

    Whoa that theme is pretty cool. It’s amazing how trimmed down it is. I’m going to have to take a shot at doing something react based now.


  2. Phil

    Cool to get this example theme! I’m also looking forward to seeing some examples of more intense react-live-page-updates that include something more complex like a text area that turns into a slider area. I’m sure that there are tutorials out there for things like that already – I am excited to see how that will operate.


  3. Aakash

    This is just perfect timing. I am jut learning React at this moment so this theme will certainly I aspire to do.


  4. Alex R.

    Just saw the video from Rachel Baker yesterday about making JS-based theme with REST-API and now we have a real example! That’s so cool. A new theme trend is coming!


  5. Michael

    Iam also learning React in combination with the new Rest API at the moment so thanks a lot for all the input in the last weeks. Checking daily for news regarding that topics. Great to see that there is something new in WordPress land. :)


  6. Rastislav Lamos

    Pretty nice theme, especially for using the WP API Menus plugin.

    If you want to study something else, check out my React, React Router and Redux based WP theme called Lexi. It uses the Bootstrap’s blog design.


  7. Andreas Nurbo

    I’m curious. Could someone write a post about why you would want to make a theme this way and when?
    What is the benefit of making a SPA using React and WordPress? Why not just go meteor or node+x directly?
    What are potential drawbacks with localization, internationalization, google search engine etc?
    How does this work with plugins that alter page content, login handling, admin bar etc?


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