1. Marc

    Do you need Elementor Pro to use the kits?


    • Justin Tadlock

      That’s going to be on a case-by-case basis. Some kits, such as the SaaSy one linked in the post, do not require the Elementor Pro upgrade. However, others will. My guess is that kit designers will want to utilize more features and will opt for primarily designing for Pro.

      It is also possible kits may require other plugins. You will need to check the requirements for any that you are looking at.


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    I avoid Envato/Theme Forest like the plague! No matter how great the products are, the website is so overly complex and customer support (ie refunds) takes weeks/months to resolve. Did I say I hate Envato?…


  3. IP

    Envato is killing the market once again with their cheap, bulky, multi-purpose, low quality templates with no real customer support. Professionals who are serious about their websites and design don’t buy stuff from envato. Their time is gone, only making money from those monster multi-purpose themes like Avada that have everything and in the same time are not valuable for specific niches or use cases and bundling all their products into envato elements, forcing users to buy their all-in-one low quality solutions.


    • Emil Uzelac

      I think that this is quite the opposite. I was one of the first WordPress.org reviewer and now one for Theme Forest, it will be 5 years soon. Bulky, bloated etc is so thing of the past and multipurpose is extremely simplistic, install on-demand and what you actually need and not the other way around.

      Side note, WordPress uses themes, not templates.


  4. Max Ziebell

    I consider this a smart move specially when they start supporting Gutenberg and maybe even other page builders. There are so many designers that need a easy accessible way and place to share and sell stuff and dribble is Just bursting with visual ideas that just didn’t make it into any unified market or directory specially because the monetary incentive wasn’t there to or the barrier of entry was to technical (like in the theme directory). I welcome the fast turnover and plentiful design.


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