1. Syed Balkhi

    Yes that Edit Flow bug has always annoyed me.

    Another bug that’s in the core which I showed Otto is if you’re quick editing the post to change post status or heck do anything form quick edit screen (then the timestamp gets saved)… Which means when you later publish the post and if you weren’t paying close attention… your post wouldn’t go out immediately… it was backdated to the day that you first made the quick edit.

    Hopefully that one will get fixed as well.


  2. Joen A.

    I initially reported this as a bug on the support forums but after reading the announcement post, I see this is expected behaviour.

    Actually that is a bug, and we’re looking into it, thanks for the report.

    PNG icons will stand out in the otherwise color-unified MP6 look, especially when you pick a color scheme other than the default. But we did not intend to block anyone from using PNG icons, they should still work as the usual. MP6 is still in beta, this one slipped through the cracks.

    To take advantage of the SVG painter that’ll paint icons to match the users color scheme, we do strongly encourage plugin developers to update their icons. Here are three methods of providing such an icon: https://github.com/tillkruess/MP6-Icon-Examples


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