Edit Flow, Jetpack, And MP6

The following plugins have either been recently updated or have an update pending. I use all three and know a bunch of other people who use them as well. Jetpack 2.4 in combination with Photon is causing problems on certain websites where images are showing at their full size instead of their specified dimensions. Meanwhile, Edit Flow has been acting up for me since upgrading to WordPress 3.6. I just wanted to share my findings on each plugin thus far.

Edit Flow – After upgrading to WordPress 3.6, I discovered that I could not preview posts using the custom post status of Pitch. This took me forever to diagnose and figure out but it has something to do with the plugin not generating a revision which is shown as the post preview when the preview button is selected. I have demonstrated this bug to the developers at Automattic who are in control of this plugin and they are currently developing a fix. If you experience this problem with Edit Flow, I suggest you set your Default post status to Draft since the Draft post status works as expected.

Jetpack 2.4 – While 2.4 introduced the awesome Widget Visibility module, it unfortunately caused images on websites to be displayed at their full size which has been determined to be an issue with Photo as outlined in this support thread. If you’re experiencing the same issue after upgrading Jetpack to 2.4, you’re encouraged to disable Photon until an update is pushed out.

Gear IconsMP6 2.0 MP6 2.0 was recently released and I’ve noticed a number of icons disappear from my menu which have been replaced with default Gear icons. I initially reported this as a bug on the support forums but after reading the announcement post, I see this is expected behaviour. Theme and plugin developers are encouraged to generate new menu icons that are compatible with MP6. Utilizing Mika Epstein’s post as well as the MP6 icon examples within the Git repository should provide a head start.


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  1. Yes that Edit Flow bug has always annoyed me.

    Another bug that’s in the core which I showed Otto is if you’re quick editing the post to change post status or heck do anything form quick edit screen (then the timestamp gets saved)… Which means when you later publish the post and if you weren’t paying close attention… your post wouldn’t go out immediately… it was backdated to the day that you first made the quick edit.

    Hopefully that one will get fixed as well.

  2. I initially reported this as a bug on the support forums but after reading the announcement post, I see this is expected behaviour.

    Actually that is a bug, and we’re looking into it, thanks for the report.

    PNG icons will stand out in the otherwise color-unified MP6 look, especially when you pick a color scheme other than the default. But we did not intend to block anyone from using PNG icons, they should still work as the usual. MP6 is still in beta, this one slipped through the cracks.

    To take advantage of the SVG painter that’ll paint icons to match the users color scheme, we do strongly encourage plugin developers to update their icons. Here are three methods of providing such an icon: https://github.com/tillkruess/MP6-Icon-Examples


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