1. George Stephanis

    Gosh, three posts about Jetpack in a week? Y’all are gonna make me blush.


  2. Brin Wilson

    Curious: Do all of Jetpack’s modules require connection to WordPress.com? And if not, why are those modules that don’t require this kind of connection not released as standalone plugins?


  3. Benjamin Intal

    Towards the quote & blog post: Exactly.

    Ever since I’ve used it, played with it and tried implementing all the theme features & modules it introduces. Try it out, you’ll understood why things are done this way. Jetpack is great.

    I have only 1 qualm with it. *Nudge* @George, we need a dev-friendly docs portal. They’re currently all over the place. I had to scour blog posts to read up on everything.


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