1. Dale Reardon - My Disability Matters

    This plugin looks amazing and wonderful for our disability news/opinion article syndication site.
    We also want to syndicate across from our Peepso powered social community to a news site.
    Will go contact them now.
    My Disability Matters


  2. Slava Abakumov

    What about different plugins creating same post types?
    Like, Divi theme creates “Projects”, and Jetpack may be doing that as well (if I’m correct). There are a lot of other plugins and custom solutions using the same CPT key. How is that handled? Because putting ContentA registered with a CPT-A as ContentB on another domain with the same CPT-A might break things in weird ways.


    • Kevin

      Regardless of how Distributor would handle this, if you found yourself in this situation, it seems like you’re probably Doing It Wrong. It’s not meant to transfer data between any two random sites; you have to intentionally connect both sites to each other and set up the push/pull operations between them, so it’s assumed that the data is supported on both sides and meant to be transferred.

      If the sites happen to share a CPT name but with otherwise-incompatible data models (taxonomies and custom fields) then I can’t think of a scenario where you should be connecting them and trying to push or pull that data in the first place.


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    This could save many people a lot of headaches. Syncing data like this across multiple platforms/sites/posts is a bit of a nightmare, fraught with unexpected pitfalls and hurdles. 10up are pretty good at solving tough problems like this though, so I’m confident this will be a very usable product. I’m looking forward to trying it out :)


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