1. Jakub Mikita

    But why create another plugin if others do this well and there’s nothing to be upgraded in the sharing process? :)

    I mean it literally works like the other plugins. I’d like to know what’s the idea behind it. I’m not sold to better codebase for such a tiny and not extendable feature.


    • Justin Tadlock

      The code is extendable. There are hooks for developers to change things.

      From my conversation with Jeff Paul, it sounds like they built this for a specific client at first because the client didn’t want/need the additional functionality from plugins like Jetpack. Instead of forever keeping the code to themselves, they decided to release it back to the community.


  2. Chris Hughes

    We’ve used Joe Dolson’s WP to Twitter plugin for many years – a great plugin that just handles posting new (and old – if also needed) content directly to Twitter. Stacked full of features too!

    There is a free and premium version available: https://www.joedolson.com/wp-to-twitter/


  3. Juanma Aranda

    It would have been great if the plugin included a minimum of user help … (at least to configure the Twitter APIS).
    Neither in the plugin nor in the WordPress repository does any help appear, not even a sad link that leads to the Twitter API page.
    Many times, developers forget that their plugin can be successful at all levels of users and assume that they should know things that they may not know.
    I think that if the complement does not improve the user experience it can be a resounding failure.


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