Darren Rowse Chooses bbPress

Darren Rowse who is the guy I think of when I see or hear the word ‘Problogger‘ recently started his 31 Days to Building a Better Blog challenge. Upon checking out the forum, I noticed a familiar structure to them. After viewing the source code for the site, sure it enough, it was running bbPress. Simple, clean, fast. Three words that easily describes what bbPress is all about.

Darren Rowse Chooses bbPress
Darren Rowse Chooses bbPress

After checking out the forums which already contain a bunch of great content, I got in touch with Darren over Twitter to congratulate him on choosing bbPress to power the forum.

@problogger congrats on utilizing the problogger.com domain name. Also congrats on choosing bbPress. How do you like the software?

problogger @jeffr0 i’m finding bbpress simple to use but nowhere near as feature rich as VB – hoping they develop it fast

@problogger heh, reason I chose VB to power the WPTavern forum. But with TalkPress on the horizon, I think bbPress Dev will ramp up.

Darren mentioned to me that the forum is meant for the 31 day challenge for now but he plans on opening it up to full blown conversations after the event is over with. If you want to see what the audience thinks of the forum so far in terms of design and simplicity, check out the Welcome thread. Considering the power house that Darren Rowse is, this can only lead to bbPress being exposed to a larger audience which is a good thing.


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