1. Bowe Frankema

    Amazing work! Love to see more theme developers do the same. Kudos to Justin :-)


  2. Michael Burrows

    Theming bbPress takes quite a bit of work so kudos to Justin for taking the time to add this functionality to his theme. Moving forward I would also like to start doing the same with my themes.


  3. Peter

    That’s a nice looking theme and there certainly is a little bit of retro Simple Machines Forum in the topics list. I did, however, find it annoying that on everypage you get the full-screen header. No matter where you go on the demo site, there is no content when the page loads without scrolling.

    Maybe a few more templates are in order…

    Either way, it is brilliant that theme designers are thinking about BBPress. As a core product alongside WordPress, it really does a good job integrating with WP and needs styling love like that.


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