Customers Still in the Dark Concerning the Future of Headway Themes

Back on August 10th, we wrote about the uncertainty of Headway Theme’s future amid a lack of communication, ability to provide support, and possible financial troubles. The article prompted customers to reach out on social media to Grant and Clay Griffiths, co-founders of the company, to find out what’s going on.

On August 20th, Red Robot Web Design sent the following Tweet to Grant asking about the status of Headway.

“We are around and will be for years to come. You have to love the WordPress rumor mill,” Grant responded. That same day in the Headway Slack channel that’s run and managed by the community, Grant told members that he would be sending an email that explains the future of the product and company.

Grant Saying an Email Will Be Sent That Explains Things
Grant Saying an Email Will Be Sent That Explains Things
More than half a month later, customers have yet to receive an email. In addition, some customers are still having difficulty receiving support while the product remains available for purchase.

On August 25th, customers concerned with Headway’s status reached out to Pressmatic. Pressmatic is a separate business entity from Headway Themes that’s owned and operated by Clay Griffiths. According to Clay, both he and Grant are still around with no plans on going anywhere.

Since our article was published, Grant has published a few posts in the Headway support forums reassuring customers that things are fine and that the product and company will be around for a long time. He’s also participated in conversations in the Headway Slack group where customers and loyal fans discussed ideas to turn things around.

The discussion was productive and provided hope that things were beginning to change. However, two weeks after the discussions took place, both Clay and Grant have returned to silence.

Agencies and Customers Deserve to Know What’s Going On

There are owners and team leaders of development agencies who depending on the outcome of the situation with Headway, may have to layoff a sizeable amount of their staff or rapidly pivot to a different solution. Some of the affiliates I’ve spoken to say their confidence needs to be restored before they will advertise the product again to their audience. Paying customers and those whose businesses rely on Headway Theme’s deserve an explanation. However, there’s no indication that one is coming soon.

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