1. Alex

    This is a great plugin, thanks! I think it’s similar to GravityForms for a reason, I think the output on the post here looks pretty good.


  2. Keith Davis

    Looks brilliant Jeff.
    I had to smile about your hard work not being saved… we’ve all been there.

    Bit of a disappointment towards the bottom… “The service is free to try while it’s in Beta.” Boo!

    And then good news below that… “The only time you’ll have to pay is when you need to use a Pro feature.” Hoorah!

    All’s well that ends well – might have a play with this one.


  3. Pedro Magriço

    Hi Jeff,

    My name is Pedro Magriço and I’m from Typeform. First, let me thank you for using our form builder and sharing it here!

    I’m sorry to know that you found your survey building process boring. Even when you don’t drag & drop your question to your typeform, it’s supposed to do it for you and save your progress automatically. I’ve looked into this and it seems to be working fine, so it would be great if you could let me know by email which browser version and operating system you’re using.



  4. Gerard ter Beke

    Apparently the ‘logic jump’ is a Pro feature, so it might disappear after the Beta period. The power of a survey, where you get questions based on previous answers is gone then. Bummer.


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