The State of CSS 2019 Survey is Now Open

The makers of the annual State of JavaScript survey have launched a new survey for developers who work with CSS. In September 2018, Sacha Greif and his collaborators sent out the State of JS survey for the third year running but dropped the CSS libraries category in favor of keeping it from getting too long. The new State of CSS survey takes up this category and expands upon it.

The success of the State of JS survey has brought valuable information to the industry for developers, employers, startups, project maintainers, and even those who are just beginning their coding journey and wondering which frameworks are worth learning. The 2018 State of JS survey received more than 20,000 responses. Results showed that React was once again the most popular front-end framework and Vue.js received the highest satisfaction rating. The detailed results are influential in helping framework maintainers know how the development community perceives their projects.

The new survey for CSS developers was created to help identify the latest trends in the rapidly changing CSS landscape. It includes the following topics:

  • CSS Features – Grid, Flexbox…
  • Tools – preprocessors, frameworks…
  • Environments – Browsers, devices…
  • Resources – Blogs, podcasts…
  • Opinions – How you feel about CSS
  • About You – Experience, salary…

The State of CSS Survey is powered by Typeform and all questions are optional. It is quick to scroll through and can take as little as 10 minutes to complete. Participants can leave their email to be notified when results are published.


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