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wordcampchicagoAs you read this, I’ll be heading into Chicago this weekend for the WordCamp Chicago event taking place Saturday and Sunday. I’ve decided to bring along my webcamera just in case I can stream a session or two. This time, I’ve installed a plugin which contains a higher quality video codec so whatever video I do end up streaming, it should be in higher quality. As far as chatting goes, I’ll be in the WordPress Tavern chatroom which is located at the top of the forum. However, in order to see and interact with me via the chatbox, you’ll need to register an account with the forum.

Speaking of the forum, we have an official thread for WordCamp Chicago if anyone is interested in following it or using it for collaboration.

If you are going to be using Twitter today, please follow WPTavern as I’ll also be publishing snippets from the event this way as well. You can also keep tabs on the official hashtag for the event to get tweets from everyone who is in attendance.

With regards to video streaming. Keep an eye out either on this page to see the video or on my Ustream channel as I might be able to stream a session or two. This is depending on how well the internet connection holds up.

WordPress Weekly

I am not planning on having a live show during the event. However, I am bringing a digital voice recorder and will use that to conduct mini interviews with numerous people and then combine all of those interviews into an episode of WordPress Weekly. That’s the plan anyways.

Last but not least, if the information warrants it, I’ll be publishing full blog posts containing any information I find to be rather juicy. And with that, I’m off to pack my bags and hit the road!


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