WordCamp Chicago Next Weekend

wordcampchicagoNext weekend, I’ll be on my way to Chicago, Illinois for WordCamp Chicago. I’ve been psyched up for this event ever since it was announced mostly due to the people organizing it as well as the awesome list of speakers that will be doing presentations. People such as Liz Strauss, Jeremy Wright, and Micah Baldwin from Lijit. Of course, I’m also pleased to be able to get the chance to meet Matt again face to face.

For this event, I don’t plan on doing streaming video but I will be in chatbox in the Tavern Forum talking about what I’m seeing and hearing. I’ll also be tweeting the event. It looks like all the presentations will be in one room so the influx of tweets should be pretty high if someone says something interesting.

By the way, on this weeks episode of WordPress Weekly, I’ll have both Brian Gardner and Lisa Sabin Wilson on the show to give us a preview of the event.

I have yet to purchase my hotel room for the event. I’m going to try and get one as close as possible to the UBS Building which is where the conference is being held, that way I can walk to the event and not worry about driving. I’m terrified of driving through downtown metro areas so could anyone give me some hints on how to keep my sanity/composure?


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  1. I’m really looking forward to WordCamp Chicago too, I haven’t been to one before and this sounds like a great place to start!

    The really terrifying part of driving in the city is what they’ll charge you to park! Like I said before, I’m totally going to stick with a motel and ride the L, if I could afford it I’d take the Amtrak down and skip driving altogether :)

    Timing could probably save you from the biggest headaches though, driving around the city in the afternoon is probably way less hassle than during rush hour or on a Friday night.

    If you get Brian on the show this week, maybe you can hit hit him up for a ride, see if he’ll swing out by Gary and pick you up ;)

  2. There are plenty of hotels in downtown Chicago, but they are certainly pricey, especially for the weekends. Parking is usually around $30/day, too. As far as transportation goes, you can walk from any point downtown to another. Cabs, buses and trains are also easily available at all hours.

    More importantly, anyone want to make a suggestion where to socialize Saturday night? I’m willing to get out my Chicago dive bar book if need be, but I know a few dozen decent places within a two mile radius of downtown.

  3. This is going to be a great event! I’m flying in Friday night so if there are any pre-parties let me know! Or maybe we should organize an unofficial WPTavern pre-party?!

    I’m really looking forward to meeting Jeff, David, Matt M, Brian Gardner, Lisa, and Chris Pearson. I had a blast at WordCamp Mid-Atlantic and know this is going to be even bigger!

  4. Given that I live in Aurora, I have the opposite problem. Getting into Chicago early enough via train, then heading back home Saturday and Sunday nights via train, and then getting home.

    I haven’t been to a WordCamp before, but if I can figure out how to stream a video feed and can find a good spot that has an outlet nearby (my laptop’s battery life is just north of 2 hours), I’ll be more than happy to do so.

    Brad, perhaps you can PM me here or on SitePoint about the video?

    (By the way, I’ll be walking from Union Station to the UBS building both days. It better not rain.)

  5. Wordcamp Chicago sounds like it is going to be a great event. The speakers that they have lined up are going to be incredible. I would advise you to do as little driving as you can if it worries you. Chicago driving can be a bit harry. You can walk most places, take a cab or the El as well.

  6. I live in Wisconsin, but went to school in Chicago. One driving tip is to use your directional (turn signals) when changing lanes – Chicagoans are usually really good about letting you change lanes if they see your blinker on.

    “Unofficial” Meetup Invite

    WordCamp Chicago attendees are invited to go out for Pizza at Giordano’s –
    Saturday, June 6 at 7pm

    Giordano’s – Chicago’s World Famous Stuffed Pizza
    GreekTown location
    (312) 421-1221
    815 W. VAN BUREN ST. (About a mile away from the UBS Tower)

    I will buy the first 2 pizzas – we can split the bill for the rest.

    Parking is $4.00 for Giordano’s customers.

    I have room in my car to drive 5-6 people.
    (We will probably have time for a quick drive to the Lakefront and to see some of the city before dinner.)

    Please RSVP to Mary at Twitter ExPrTMary or at info@exprt.com.


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