Cory Miller and Matt Danner Launch New Business Podcast

photo credit: Maciej Korsan
photo credit: Maciej Korsan

WordPress professionals have demonstrated a decent appetite when it comes to listening to and supporting podcasts on a wide variety of topics, including industry news, development, e-commerce, marketing, and startups. Cory Miller, founder of iThemes, and Matt Danner, the company’s COO, are adding a new business podcast to the mix with the launch of

The first episode introduces the hosts and the goals of the show and is now available on iTunes. Miller and Danner, who often have casual chats about business strategy, decided to start recording their conversations to share with others who might benefit from their mistakes and successes in entrepreneurship.

“We’re going to talk about values, beliefs, philosophies, tools, all kinds of things that we have learned over the years, either accidentally or on purpose, about how to lead and manage teams and grow a business,” Miller said in the opening episode. will feature a short (15-25 minute) episode twice a month on Thursdays with practical advice for leaders and managers. The second episode will be available tomorrow, and Miller and Danner have already outlined the topics for the next four episodes with questions that will guide the discussion on the show:

  • The Beliefs, Values, Philosophies We Hold Dear
  • The Culture We Cherish And Protect
  • Finding, Recruiting and Hiring the Best People
  • Leading a Hybrid Team of In-Office and Remote Team Members

While Miller and Danner are not necessarily marketing the show as a WordPress-focused podcast, many of their shared experiences have come from growing one of the longest-running, successful product companies in the WordPress ecosystem. Upcoming episodes will feature big picture business topics that can be applied to many different types of industries. episodes have been submitted to both iTunes and Google Play and will also be available on the show’s website.


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