Consultants Are WordPress’ Boots on the Ground

A business can’t survive without strong sales & customer service, two competencies that are arguably the lifeblood of a company.

Many of you reading this fill that exact gap for the open source WordPress project. I don’t mean this as a slight to the thousands of wonderful people who build the software, document it, and support it in the forums, but that consultants (doing it right or wrong) are also fueling this locomotive too.

There are no official sales or customer service channels at and us consultants bear the brunt of it — for better or worse — and that’s where our job comes in. Just as you trust a core contributor to spot-check her code and ensure that we’ve sanitized all the things!

Consultants are the boots on the ground, and as you’ll see below in my feedback section, represent a disproportionate ratio of launching many more websites than an individual website owner. – Matt Medeiros

From The blue-collar WordPress worker and the 2,500+ websites built to grow the CMS.


3 responses to “Consultants Are WordPress’ Boots on the Ground”

  1. I agree 1000%.

    In another other industry those that Medeiros speaks of would be called WordPress’ “channel.” And many businesses have a strategy that depends on their channel and thus are very supportive of their channel. And most of those businesses own their success (or their failure) to their channel strategy.

    WordPress is ironic in that it ignores it channel at best and is hostile to it at worst. Which is a shame and makes us all look foolish, if you really think about it. Those us of who are helping WordPress grow are at best tolerated by those who benefit from WordPress’ growth.


  2. Excellent points.

    As one of those launchers . . . I’ve been totally confused why WordPress seems to be working on just features that are aimed to eliminate the perceived need for me. It would be different if there were not such glaring needs that go unaddressed. Front-end editing would help everyone. It would make it easier for me to sell WordPress to potential customers. Instead, we have spent huge resources on the Customizer and Gutenburg which do not. I find it disappointing. And silly.


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