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codepoetlogoIt used to be that if you needed to find a WordPress consultant, you would need to visit the consultants page hosted on Today, that is no longer necessary. Instead, all of that information and more can be found on which is running on P2. Thanks to an email I received from a tipster, here is what the site is going to be used for:

Over time we plan on adding new features like consultant profiles, better search, promo badges, etc to help direct the ever increasing demand for WP consulting services. For search, we’re considering ranking results by contributions made to (i.e. the more plugins/themes/core & forum credits a firm has to their name, the higher they rank).

Not too long ago, I reported on the fact that sitewide profiles were in public use. If you’ve created your sitewide profile, you’ll know that there is an option that enables you to have your account show up in the consultants list. Between that option, CodePoet, consultant profiles and such, things are starting to look as if they are coming together, one puzzle piece at a time.


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  1. If the internet is international and doesn’t have boundaries, why restrict by region?

    And why is WordPress the only Automattic product handled?

  2. If the internet is international and doesn’t have boundaries, why restrict by region?

    It doesn’t restrict it. They just happened to have categorised them like that at this stage. Perhaps they’ll eventually split them into plugin developers, theme developers.

    And why is WordPress the only Automattic product handled?

    Perhaps add bbPress and BuddyPress developers to the list categories I mentioned above.

    I’m guessing this is very much in the testing phase right now and more features will be added later.

  3. I wonder what they mean by …

    please send us:


    Am I supposed to get customers to vouch for my businesses services or other WordPress developers?

  4. @Leland – Maybe Toni can stop by and address some of the other questions but I don’t see why the Consultants page on would continue to exist after the full launch of CodePoet. Instead, I would expect the consultants page to have a description on how to find a consultant and then a link to CodePoet.

    @_ck_ – I don’t think it’s a restriction just categorization. I don’t know why it’s limited to WordPress. Perhaps it will be updated in the future or more fields will be added to the site wide profiles so consultants can specify which projects they have experience with.

    @Toni – Thanks for stopping by Toni.

  5. Yes, the Automattic listings will be phased out as we move over to CodePoet.

    CodePoet is very basic at the moment, but we will start adding features. The simple list approach is clearly getting strained by the ever increasing demand for WP consultants.

    And yes, helping broker services around WP related projects like BuddyPress, bbPress, etc makes sense.

  6. Thanks for the heads-up on the new site. I just went and visited it.

    What I don’t understand is why the initial sorting of coders is region specific instead of skills specific. Meaning, at least for me, I don’t care where the coder is based out of. I just want to find a person who has the abilities that I need for my project at a price point I can afford. Oh and references from other ‘trusted’ coders makes a huge difference.

    I say this because even though I am based in the U.S. to date I have hired only international coders as they were the best for the given job. I would dig through the forums for the object that I was working on and needing help with and look for the ‘person with the answers’. then I would simply look at their body of work, and if it looked like they had the ability I would make contact with them to hire them.

    Anyhow, the new site is a good start, I just hope to see it expanded into specific abilities, examples of work done, referrals, etc.. almost like a resume but searchable.


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