– New Home For WordPress Consultants

codepoetlogoIt used to be that if you needed to find a WordPress consultant, you would need to visit the consultants page hosted on Today, that is no longer necessary. Instead, all of that information and more can be found on which is running on P2. Thanks to an email I received from a tipster, here is what the site is going to be used for:

Over time we plan on adding new features like consultant profiles, better search, promo badges, etc to help direct the ever increasing demand for WP consulting services. For search, we’re considering ranking results by contributions made to (i.e. the more plugins/themes/core & forum credits a firm has to their name, the higher they rank).

Not too long ago, I reported on the fact that sitewide profiles were in public use. If you’ve created your sitewide profile, you’ll know that there is an option that enables you to have your account show up in the consultants list. Between that option, CodePoet, consultant profiles and such, things are starting to look as if they are coming together, one puzzle piece at a time.

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