1. Rhys Clay

    Really no negative comments yet?

    Well I happened to think that the presentation was great, its clear to me that Mel has been using wordpress for a long time and understands the concerns that a regular wp user would face.


    • Devin Walker

      Still not negative comments… Pat yourself on the back WordPress Community. You did good.

      I thought it was a good presentation myself too. I fast forwarded to the screenshots of the customizer and was thought it was a nice first introduction.


  2. Paal Joachim

    Mel had a very good presentation!
    I became very excited about seeing some of the experimentation going on with the merging of the customizer and Gutenberg.


  3. Anh Tran

    Really impressive presentation of how Gutenberg can help building layout and design. This is a huge step forward for the web developers, who use Gutenberg to build websites. I’m really excited to see it’s officially implemented.


  4. JeffC

    Was an excellent presentation.

    Gave it a deserving thumbs up and comment praise on Youtube!

    See that the whole loopconf youtube channel is a trove of great presentation videos too…


  5. Loopwatcher

    Loopconf is the new WordCamp now, instead a lot of marketin-bs there you can find the real world use cases…


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