1. Frederic Sune

    Another interesting feature of Cloudflare… Recently, they are launching more and more features that are very interesting for Web Agency like workers where you can have free cron jobs, domain registration at cost or the team management options with up to 50 users for free. Can’t wait to see the analytics in action without the need to install any code on your WP site. Thanks Sarah for sharing this information.


  2. Rob de Altea

    I love it! The interface looks very clean and I can’t wait to use the metrics. It seems that we are moving further and further away from the monopoly of analytics and there are other companies that bet more on privacy. Great!


  3. A. J. Bozdar

    I’m going to use it right away and see how it performs. Cloudflare has been part of my web development projects for years, and I highly appreciate their free version of the services. They took away couple of services from free plan, but it is still more than worthwhile.


  4. Steven Gliebe

    Fantastic. I’ve been loving Cloudflare lately and looking forward to trying this and their WAF. I do wonder how the WAF compares to Sucuri or Wordfence for a WordPress site. Cloudflare is definitely on a roll.


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