Cite: A WordPress Plugin to Help Readers Correctly Attribute Articles


WordPress sites that publish academic or scholarly articles often need to provide information to help readers know how to cite articles correctly. Cite is a new plugin that tackles this requirement using dynamic tags to generate the date, site name, post title and permalink.

Post authors can easily post citation instructions by using the [cite] shortcode. It will automatically generate the article attribution information at the bottom of the post.


The plugin includes a settings page where you can use any of the available template tags to create a citation template.


The live demo on the plugin author’s website shows how the citation template appears out-of-the-box. Its appearance can be further customized via CSS. The plugin is internationalized and ready for translation for use on academic sites in other languages.

Cite is a free plugin created by Maeve Lander. It will save you time on every post where you would otherwise manually enter information to help readers cite your article. Download Cite from or install it via your site’s admin panel.


  1. Hello, this would be a great plugin if you could include the name of the author of the article as tag… For multiple authors website, this is really crucial and without this, unfortunately, it is impossible to use the plugin. Hopefully you could integrate it in an update? (And a {last updated} for articles that are updated could be interesting too)


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