1. Louis

    I’d really like it if I were to see you take on WooCommerce (owned by Automattic) and query why they don’t even offer the opportunity to use the block editor on product pages. But that is a little off this topic.

    It would be nice to see more consistency throughout WordPress parent company in their projects. Either go 100% or make it easier for others to do it.


    • Justin Tadlock

      I’ll put it on my list of things to check out. I’ve never used WooCommerce outside of basic testing, so I’m not particularly familiar with how the plugin works.


      • Louis

        It’s pretty difficult to customize. Especially the product pages. The only option available is to use the classic editor when creating a product. They have started putting out some blocks for cart, checkout and some for product listing pages. But nothing for product creation. Not from Automattic, anyway.

        One of the most frustrating things about using Automattic products is that they aren’t consistent. WordPress forced Gutenberg into core, but other Automattic products don’t seem to be following along very closely.


      • jamie


        We’ve built a plugin called WooBuilder Blocks that lets store owners customize the WooCommerce Product Page using the Gutenberg Block Editor https://www.pootlepress.com/woobuilder-blocks/ . I can understand why this functionality isn’t pushed into core yet, largely because of the wild west of woocommerce 3rd party extensions that tap into the product page. If you check out woocommerce blocks reviews you can see some of the issues users have with woo’s shop blocks (and these are much easier to regulate and control.


        • Louis

          Yes, there are other builders that take over the product page as well. Yours, I believe does pretty much everything within the description of the single product. Removing content that would normally be placed there. Or that is my understanding.

          I’d like to see WooCommerce allow users to use blocks without having to pay for that functionality. They are an Automattic company, they should be promoting the WordPress block editor as much as WordPress is, IMO.

          If your Woobuilder Blocks, along with another freemius plugin isn’t installed, the WordPress block editor won’t work with WooCommerce single product page.

          The issue with plugins that take over WooCommerce product page is that if they don’t play nice with other block plugins, and the other block plugin is offering more or better (for my project) of something than what you provide, I can’t deactivate your plugin and use that other block plugin.

          Thus, I would like to see WooCommerce open things up so that people have a choice of what blocks we use and still be able to customize the single product page.

          And this thread is hijacking a great article regarding building featured boxes with the WordPress block editor. I apologize for that.


  2. Morgan

    Nice, it would be useful especially for me who using simple plain framework themes like storefront.


  3. scot

    Great tutorial by the way, How can we set the background transparency of the offset?


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