1. Michelle

    That is extremely exciting. I know we’ve all found ways to add these things manually, but it will be great to have them in the menu admin (and therefore accessible to clients).


  2. Juan

    This is a tremendous leap forward!

    I spent hours a few months ago to “hard code” this to get rid of this awful WP menu bar BP integration (esp. for mobiles), which plugin(s) is/are supposed to help do deal properly with this for current BP version?

    Many thanks in advance ;)


  3. Mizzinc

    This is fantastic news. I recently just built a widget to handle this menu which was easy enough, so I hope this development continues through to the many sub-navs Buddypress uses. Ive gone through the painful task of building these as drop down menus to tidy everything up.


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  5. Rafael A. Junquera

    However, they only work in the main site, why aren´t they showing in the rest of blogs in an MU environment? Anyone knows?


  6. nino_py

    Is this just released? Because I am using BP 1.9.2 and I don´t see this option :-(


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