1. hnla

    Thanks for the great write up Sarah.

    We would love user feedback / testing on these two themes as they stand, currently we’re updating them progressively, but opinion is appreciated on how they respond for people.

    One of the aspects we have tackled and focussed on is getting a good layout working for mobile and small tablet devices so feedback in that area is useful.

    Hopefully with this project we’ll demonstrate the usefulness of being able to drop additional companion styles into any new WordPress default theme and be able to showcase BP at it’s best in them, also with this project we introduce scss pre-processing to BP which allows us to better manage styles.


  2. Nick Haskins

    As someone who maintains a plugin that creates elements within a theme, I can attest to how upsetting it can be a for a theme to wreck your plugins styles. A companion stylesheet for supported themes is such a great idea.


  3. Peter

    Considering that BP is an important part of the WP ecosystem, would it not make more sense to come at this from the other angle – for the default WP themes to come with full BP compatibility out of the box? bbPress compatibility too, for that matter.


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