1. Marcus Couch

    Wow, perfect timing, as I’ve been involved in a project that uses BuddyPress notifications. Great work on the post Sarah. This is great news. Kudos to all on the BP team for their hard work.


  2. modemlooper

    Also not mentioned in the post: The bp-default theme has been put to rest. If you have it already active at time of upgrading to 1.9 it should still work. If you do not have it active then the option to select it in the themes panel will be removed.


  3. Sarah Gooding
  4. Johnny

    Great to see the buddypress community is still thriving! Looks like a shout for Sammy’s to the lead dev’s!


  5. BuddyPress 1.9 released with notifications : Post Status

    […] BuddyPress 1.9 released with notifications → […]


  6. Ian

    After a year of religiously updating BP for a project I finally give up and lock down all updates until post-launch, and they finally release this with a bunch of useful stuff…sigh, I hate my life lol


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