1. Carl Hancock

    ThemeForest and CodeCanyon are highly successful but they haven’t done anything to prevent others from also being successful. Their presence alone is not going to prevent others from being successful.

    If anything they have validated that a market exists and it’s a market so big and diverse that nobody is going to own it.

    A perfect example is Creative Market. They’ve been successful despite the presence of ThemeForest and they aren’t even a year old yet.

    The fact that there are big, successful competitors in a space you want to enter should never deter you from doing so if you think you can be successful.

    Brad put a ton of work into this project and he learned a lot in the process and ultimately he came out of it with a new product that he is enjoying success with. Not every project is a success. You learn from it and move on.


  2. Adam W. Warner

    As Carl said above, and I agree, marketplaces are still viable. We’ve seen success with our FooPlugins marketplace since we launched last April. Ours is a bit of a hybrid though, including our own plugins alongside our vendors.

    Our growth has been slow, but steady in terms of bringing on vendors, The idea wasn’t new, and each marketplace has (or had) a unique way of doing things. We saw an opportunity to utilize the same basic marketplace idea, but to offer it in a way that hadn’t quite been done yet.

    Brad’s WP App Store showed us that the community of developers and product providers are open to the idea, but for the reasons he already stated, there were some hurdles that just couldn’t be overcome at this time.

    Kudos to Brad for sharing the details publicly and for also morphing WP App Store into what we hope will be a viable revenue stream for him.


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