1. Scott

    Wow, a proprietary framework for plugin dev, no distribution through the repo, plus it stops working without their mothership plugin. Not so sure about that.


  2. Jeffro

    @Scott – Well, the stars are definitely not aligned in their favor.


  3. Nicola Ballotta

    Hi Jeff, I’m Nicola, the Ceo of wpXtreme. First of all thank you for your deep review and your feedback. Let me now comment your doubts.

    About the wpXtreme plugin dependency, this is actually a mandatory aspect because of some components embedded in the wpXtreme framework. The feedback about the sunset clause it’s great and we will add it to our website pretty soon.

    To be true, if we were to go out of business, the downloaded plugins won’t stop working, maybe only the store and the plugin/themes updates (as all the plugins on the wordpress.org repo). This is the same for every plugin/theme maker that stops its activity.

    About Bannerize and Cleanfix, it’s true what you said, but the plugins on the wordpress.org repository are working (only bannerize has some bugs, and we will release a newer version on the wordpress repository soon). Unfortunately, at the moment we are only a few people in our team, so it’s very difficult to pursue business and our opensource passion, but we work hard to do it at our best.

    Regarding the need of downloading wpXtreme as a barrier we will soon release the possibility to download single plugins/themes directly from our website and then get wpXtreme with just one click.

    I know that our goal sounds (and it is) hard, but we believe it could be a good plus to the WordPress community and developers. I really hope that your prediction will be wrong! ;)


  4. Nicola Ballotta

    @Scott – our WPDK framework is opensource, under GPL (as all our code) and we will be happy of any contribution; unfortunately as pointed out by Jeff, at the moment we are not able to distribute our plugins through the wordpress.org repo, but we are studying a method. As I previously said, we love WordPress and opensource, so we will continue to support the community and we will give back as much as we can, but I think that wpXtreme could be also a good way to help developers build better software and monetize it. For the record, we’re about to officially launch our renewed Dev Center in the coming weeks.

    About the fact that a plugin stops working without mothership plugin, it’s normal imho because wpXtreme it’s also a mini-framework too. I hope you will give us a try and maybe you can give us useful feedback too; if you wanna also contact me personally, feel free to do it!


  5. Chris Howard

    Sounds intriguing.

    The plugin not working without the WPDK framework is a non-issue.

    (@Nicola – what happens if I am working and developing offline on localhost??)

    You ever notice that a child theme stops working if you take away the parent?

    Or that anything that uses a framework doesn’t work without it?

    Or that any WP theme or plugin needs WP.

    I’ve started using the Redux Options Framework and rather than include it, will make it a user requirement. It’s not as smooth or transparent process but makes my plugins have a smaller footprint, and allows the user to keep Redux up to date easily. If they have six of my plugins, why do they want to have Redux there six times? Just makes backups bigger and maintenance for me a lot more cumbersome.

    @Nicola, will check out you WPDK, but (if you aren’t already) would love to see it include an options framework and metabox framework. Currently I use Redux, HM CMB, and Tom’s Boilerplate. Would really love to have one (modular) solution instead of three.


  6. Nicola Ballotta

    @Chris Howard – wpXtreme works fine in localhost. We tested it under MAMP and Vagrant and looks ok, but for any issue just contact us.

    About WPDK, yes it includes options framework and metabox framework. We know Redux very well, but we took a different approach; we started from the low level stuff, so we add a lot of functionalities while Redux is mainly a “visual” framework. We are making WPDK better every day and if you want to contribute, test, use it, you’re welcome!


  7. Jeffro

    I want you to get in touch with me in about 6 months and provide me a report on how well the wpXtreme app shop is doing. Very interested to see how this takes off, if it does :)


  8. Matteo Duò

    @Jeffro: sure, we’ll get back at you in months and share how wpXtreme is doing.
    Thanks again for your feedback, as well as those from your readers.


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