Blogging Continues To Increase In Popularity

It seems like every month, someone will write an article with the headline that Blogging Is Dead or in the process of dieing and discuss which services are replacing the medium. However, according to stats released by Nielsen, Blogging is gaining in popularity. This is great news for services such as Be sure to read the detailed stats behind the numbers further down in their post.

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  1. Actually, I think blogging as has been recognized in the past decade is in fact quickly fading into the background. The newest form of blogging, and my guess the reason the Neilsen ratings seem to indicate some robust resurgence, is the pseudo-promotional blogging by corporations and startups that have somehow linked organic marketing to inane blogging. Nearly everyone in business is starting or adding a blog to their otherwise banal HTML websites. And because the platform itself (WordPress) is so conducive to just about anyone becoming a webmaster (to wit: I’m designing and hosting site and I’m only semi-literate), tons of sites, better suited to HTML are being implemented in WordPress. So, yes, more people are using WordPress to blog, but they are certainly not blogging.


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