1. Sascha

    Looks beautiful. What other themes that work well with the Block Editor?


  2. Ejaz Ahmed

    Beautiful Theme


  3. Carolina

    The existing “Block Editor Styles” filter may help.


  4. Tommy

    Beautiful theme, How about typography?


  5. Henner

    This theme is amazing! I’m using it for my blog https://wptips.dev

    I agree with the Customizer having too many options.

    It’s also impossible to be edited because the JSX compiler uses a private package.


    • Andrei Glingeanu

      Hey Henner, a couple of points in regard to your last remark:

      The compiler Blocksy uses (which is just webpack and sass wrapped in a common package) is not private at all, in fact you can get theme’s code, change the JavaScript files and run the build process yourself to see the changes applied in the theme.
      While the options are implemented with React (and JSX), they are configured with PHP. All of the options live in inc/options/* folder of the theme, if you care enough to take a look. And there’s nothing minified/compiled there. Of course we won’t suggest to edit them yourself. I’m just pointing out that nothing’s obscured.
      While the Customizer may look like it has too many options at first, in reality everything’s really tought out very slowly and carefully. Every option is located exactly where it needs to be, with respect to the site elements hierarchy. Happy to hear back from you what you’ve considered to be redundant from the Customizer, to be able to have a productive discussion.


  6. Bazenation

    Really nice theme
    I think I love It


  7. peter Odibo

    Reading about it means I might be changing one of my blog odiboapeter.com to these theme. But is there a premium version or it’s totally free without any redirection?


    • Sergiu

      Hey Peter,
      At the moment there is only the free version but we do plan to release a premium one later.
      To give you an idea, here are only a few of the premium features Blocksy will have: conditional headers, conditional footers, conditional & custom sidebars, sticky header, more header & footer elements, content blocks & hooks, portfolio extension, responsive/adaptive images, custom header & footer scripts, AMP full support, mega menu extension, advanced blogging extension, advanced Gutenberg blocks extension.

      Cheers ;)


  8. ValleReD

    To be honest, from my perspective the article/ review is very shallow, unbalanced and some findings are misleading. I probably tried 50 free gutenberg enabled themes, and from my view not one is as well done as Blocksy, not in a free version, and most of them not as a paid version.

    Design and design options:
    My impression is, that Blocksy stands out from the crowd with carefully designed elements (e.g. no clumpsy icons as most other themes), and the right options, to enable clients to customize their site to a design to make them stand out of the crowd too. A good example are the header and footer areas, where every row section and every element could be finetuned if needed. As it is top down structured in the customizer, there is no overload, and everyone only needs to step down the level he wants, that’s fine.

    Code quality:
    What means “code quality”? Number of PHP files, extensive commenting? A much better and comprehencive analysis of code quality are the results with https://yellowlab.tools/, and there blocksy delivers good results in terms of clean and performant coding.

    Discussing at length the additional entry blocksy companion is causing, is like to judge the qualtity and design of a new car on the fact, what kind of floor carpets are with it.



    • Justin Tadlock

      Which parts of the review do you think are unbalanced and misleading? I don’t write fluff pieces to promote people’s projects in a review, even if it’s a theme that I love. I’m going to point out areas that could be improved alongside the good stuff.

      As for code quality, tools only get you so far. They’re an essential part of the development process, but they cannot completely replace the human element.

      The Blocksy Companion plugin was provided to me as part of the review. It is also promoted within the theme via an admin notice.


  9. Aris Kuckovic

    First, Justin, awesome review :)
    Really a beautiful theme, that can help change the “negative vibe” around Gutenberg. I have not been a fan of Gutenberg – but I’ve recently started using it on my own website, just to “keep up” – and I must say, it has really become a pleasure using it!

    Let’s hope more themes like this emerges – I’ll book mark this for now :D


  10. Kristian

    I cant get enough of the block editor, dont know how i became so attached.


  11. Bjarne Oldrup

    I’m a huge fan of the Blocksy theme, and have been playing with it since november. The developers are listening and extremely supportive. I’ve been throwing issues and request at them, regarding html validation, page speed scores, privacy, accessibility, really nitty gritty stuff that isn’t a priority to most theme users – and they took every single request seriously and implemented a fix or a feature where appropriate.

    Some more highlights:
    – usage of CSS Custom Properties (variables) makes it a absolute breeze to apply custom changes should there not be an option in the customizer.
    – the same goes with the usage of CSS Grid. So easy to mod the layout.
    – NO WebAIM accessibility errors. Not many themes can say that.
    – Built in ajax search
    – Actually useful widgets in the optional Blocksy Companion
    – Great speeds out of the box, lean code.
    – Pretty Gutenberg layouts out of the box, again, easy to customize.
    – Valid HTML
    – Easy to translate

    I’ve made two production sites with Blocksy, https://neuc.dk/ and my personal blog using only Blocksy and core Gutenberg for content. A tiny bit of custom CSS for local font hosting and image branding, that’s it. No page builders. No content related plugins, only supportive (cache, firewall, seo).

    Should you feel like playing around with the Blocksy options, you’re free to download and import a xml demo data set containing dummy Gutenberg posts, tags, categories and menus at https://labs.oldrup.net/blocksy/ It’s a standard WordPress export, royalty free images provided by Pexels.

    Bjarne Oldrup


  12. SRG

    Blocksy is really a great theme for WordPress websites. It has all the cool features and customization options. I think it’s better than NEVE in customizing. Additionally, it’s a lightweight minimal designed theme. Right now I am using this theme on my site https://codein.site


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