Blocksy Theme Expands Free Starter Site Collection, Plans to Create New Suite of Blocks

When Sergiu Radu and Andrei Glingeanu launched their free Blocksy theme nearly two years ago, they were surprised by how quickly their business grew during a global pandemic without any investment in marketing. Blocksy is now active on more than 20,000 WordPress sites and its commercial version, launched in October 2020, has grown to where both founders are now working full-time on the project.

Apart from inadvertently gaining a few mentions on some blogs and YouTube channels, Radu said his team has done nothing to market the theme. Users have most often been referred by word of mouth and many have gotten linked into the community through Blocksy’s Facebok group, which has grown to more than 2,200 members. Users join the group to discuss the theme and share their knowledge with each other.

Three months ago, Blocksy’s founders hired two more teammates to assist with support and manage the theme’s Facebook community. Radu said he thinks support has been the most important factor in the theme’s growth. His team offers support to free users as well as those those who opt to pay for Blocksy Pro. The ticketing system is open for everyone using the theme. This might explain why Blocksy has maintained a perfect 5-star rating on with 455 reviews.

Another factor in the theme’s success is its free starter sites that enable users to get going right away. In the past month, the Blocksy team has released three new starter sites, bringing the total to 10 (double the number available this time last year). Yogi, the latest release, is based on the block editor and was designed to showcase Blocksy’s capabilities for customizing and managing custom post types. These are registered with the help of WP Meta Box.

In April, the team released Tasty, a starter site that uses the Recipe Card Blocks plugin by WPZOOM. If you’re looking for a recipe theme and plugin combination that supports the block editor, these two work seamlessly together. The team also launched Homi, a block-based WooCommerce starter site built with Stackable.

The starter themes can be imported with one click and users get exactly what they see in the demo without having to figure out how to arrange it. An onboarding wizard guides the user through setting up a child theme and installing any necessary plugins. It imports all the posts, pages, comments, navigation menus, custom fields, terms and custom posts that are seen in the demos.

Radu said the team plans to release 3-4 more starter sites in the near future, targeting different niches, including blogger, agency, lawyers, wedding, and music/bands.

Blocksy’s developers are currently working on adding some new WooCommerce features in the next update, along with a portfolio extension. They are also working on a plan to make it easier to create starter sites.

“It’s very hard at the moment to create our starter sites,” Radu said. “Almost all Gutenberg plugins out there lack design options or other things that we may need in order to create a nice starter site. So we were feeling very limited and thought why not create our own suite of blocks that are going to meet all our needs?”

Blocksy currently uses Stackable blocks to create the demo sites. Radu said that although his team may eventually transition to using their own suite of blocks exclusively, they may also continue making starter sites with Stackable since their users like that particular block library so much. The team plans to begin building their own suite of Gutenberg blocks after the next update, beginning with a free version, followed by a pro version with some more advanced blocks.


12 responses to “Blocksy Theme Expands Free Starter Site Collection, Plans to Create New Suite of Blocks”

  1. I’ve been building sites with Blocksy since 2019 as I immediately appreciated the quality of the code, the beautiful Gutenberg block styling and the friendly and reliable support from the developers – so I think I can vouch for the long term experience with the theme.

    One thing I especially would like to point out, is the developers efforts to follow best practices and adhere to WCAG accessibility standards. Not only are sites built with Blocksy, able to return a solid 100% score when testing with Google Lighthouse, zero errors when validation HTML, it’s also complies with WCAG standards out of the box, making your site inclusive and accessible to disabled people. And when I locate an issue that mandates a fix in the theme, the devs are taking it seriously and are putting in that extra effort to provide a solution with the next update.

    While I appreciate the great looking designs the team are able to create with Stackable, it’s not a plugin I’d like to rely on, as Stackable struggles with HTML validation, and old-school as I am, that’s just something I don’t like to be concerned with in the long run.

    Therefore, I would also absolutely love to see site wide styling of core Gutenberg blocks in the customizer, topped with a few carefully developed suite of Blocksy blocks filling any gaps.

    I wouldn’t have had that much fun building WordPress websites the last two years, if it weren’t for Blocksy in my toolbox. A solid recommendation.

    • Hi Amit,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words! We would love a more detailed post back on where exactly you feel like Blocksy struggles with speed and performance. Our latest update (1.8) improved the situation by miles and a lot of our users now acknowledge that Blocksy now performs better than ever before.

      But if it doesn’t do so well in some specific situations, we’d love to hear about it and get that fixed.

      All the best!

  2. I had the chance to play with blocksy after a client of ours asked if it integrates well with Zion Builder. I must say that i was pleasantly surprised to see how good it works with our plugin and how fast it is so i’ve started to recommend the theme to all our Zion Page Builder clients after Radu and Sergiu agreed to release a compatibility update with our builder as the users will get the fastest possible site.

    In the end, great team and great developers behind it!

  3. Having Blocksy in creating my website took many complicated issues out of the equation (mega menus, trending post, WooCommerce, etc.) I’m loving what even a beginner can create. Looking forward to the portfolio extension to showcase services on the website. You guys are empowering start-ups in the craziest of times.

  4. I really liked Blocksy theme but I deactivated it when I tried to set up static homepage using Block Editor but there was no blocksy widgets or blocks to set up the static homepage or probably I just didn’t get it… But it’s a good theme anyway..


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