1. Brin

    If I as a user were to use a WordPress theme boasting “50+ header patterns” and choose one and then write some content to fit one of these for my site, what would happen when I inevitably want to change my theme a few years later? The header pattern design code would be gone, and then what would happen to the content I created to fit my chosen header pattern? Would the matching content be deleted or would it all just be left as some kind of a mess in the header?


    • Justin Tadlock

      Traditionally, if you added custom “content” to a header template, it would simply disappear on theme switch.

      With block themes (at least right now), what will happen is that you have a custom Header template part saved to the database and accessible via the Appearance > Template Parts screen. It wouldn’t be active on the front end of your site, but you could carry that content over to the new theme’s header.


  2. Edd Twilbeck

    Thanks for this “to-the-point” explanation, Justin – I’ve just started digging into all of this and am really interested to see where its going!


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